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Brewell Vapory Hard Strawberry Ice:  Brewell Vapory Hard Strawberry Ice is the menthol version of the original Brew #22.  This juice is basically a hard strawberry candy with an ooey gooey strawberry jam that is topped with a cool and soothing menthol.

Brewell Vapory Brewnana:  Brewell Vapory Brewnana breakfast blend is another oldie but goodie from this company.  Sliced up bananas over a bed of frosted corn flakes with the some nice cool milk is what this vape is all about.  If you have visions of Tony the Tiger and some bananas, you will love taking a few puffs of this delicious vape flavor.

Brewell Vapory Hard Apple Ice Brew:  Brewell Vapory Hard Apple Ice is a variation on the original #45 Apple Brew.  The Ice version, or menthol provides a icy cool exhale that is sure to be a winner in any vapers arsenal.  For the hard apple candy lover that like a cool burst, this is the vape for you.

Brewell Vapory Hard Apple Brew:  Brewell Vapory Hard Apple Brew is their attempt at conquering the hard candy apple juice.  This juice is sour and sweet and gives you a delightful treat in the form of a jam center.  An enjoyable vape for your apple loving taste buds.

Brewell Vapory Hard Strawberry:  Brewell Vapory Hard Strawberry is the Original #22.  This is a delightful strawberry hard candy that has a tasty strawberry jam center.  A great strawberry vape for all you strawberry lovers out there.