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Cosmic Fog Sonrise:  Cosmic Fog Sonrise reminds us of the perfect vacation vape.  It is derived from a drink that has origins in Hawaii and blends passion fruit, tart ripe kiwis, and tropical pineapples into a delectable and tasty vape.  Be on the look out for other tropical fruit notes that appear from time to time.

Cosmic Fog Chewberry:  Cosmic Fog Chewberry is another tropical fruit amalgamation.  Sweet strawberries, passion fruit and other proprietary tropical fruit blends is packed into a candy that is chewy in nature.  Thus, the name…Chewberry.

Cosmic Fog Platinum Berry Trio:  Cosmic Fog Platinum Berry Trio takes straight from its name and basically blends three delectable berries.  Rarely used huckleberries, ripe red raspberries, and golden raspberries.  Every puff will enlighten your taste buds and keep it tingling throughout.

Cosmic Fog Platinum Sour Melon:  Cosmic Fog Platinum Sour Melon is wonderfully simple yet totally delicious vape flavor.  Juicy, sweet, and ripe watermelon infused with a sour candy.  On the inhale, you taste the great fruit flavor, while the exhale is all sour candy.

Cosmic Fog Platinum Tropic Splash:  Cosmic Fog Platinum Tropic Splash has a flavor profile of passion fruit, pineapple, and oranges to make great fruity vape.  On inhale, you get the tarty and sweet pineapple flavors which the exhale provides orange and passion fruit notes.

Cosmic Fog Crisp Rango:  Cosmic Fog Crisp Rango is one of the newest flavors in the Cosmic Fog line.  Flavorful and tart raspberries are what you taste on the inhale.  Nice juicy and sweet mango flavors are what you taste on the exhale.

Cosmic Fog Crisp Lemon Drop:  Cosmic Fog Crisp Lemon Drop is one of the newer flavors in the Cosmic Fog line.  Succulent lemon flavors in a hard-sugary candy will meet your lips on the inhale.  The exhale is a more tarty lemon taste that finishes off the puff.

Cosmic Fog Crisp Honeysuckle:  Cosmic Fog Crisp Honeysuckle is a fine mixture of strawberries and honeysuckle.  On inhale, you get that sweet strawberry flavor while the honeysuckle meets your lips on the exhale.

Cosmic Fog Crisp Strawberine:  Cosmic Fog Crisp Strawberine is a mixture of strawberries and tangerines.  On inhale, you get a nice tangy strawberry flavor that increases with sweetness.  On exhale, you get a nice sweet and sour tangerine flavor that is more sweet than sour as you finish the puff.