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Five Pawns Grandmaster:  Five Pawns Grandmaster is another delicious dessert vape.  A childhood delight, this vape mixes creamy and rich peanut butter with a creamy banana flavor topped with a decent helping of caramel.

Five Pawns Black Flag Risen:  Five Pawns Black Flag Risen is their version of a morning pick me up, coffee and ciga ette.  A cappuccino based vape with a hint of Virginia based tobacco leaf coupled with black walnuts lightly brushed with mocha and truffle cream.

Five Pawns Symmetry Six:  Five Pawns Symmetry Six brings together a true harmony of flavors.  Sweet rhubarb and delicious strawberries are combined expertly in this unique yet harmonious blend.  Add in a generous helping of oat grains and graham crackers with vanilla cream and you have a great vape.

Five Pawns Queenside:  Five Pawns Queenside brings together two delicious yet perfectly matched flavors.  Cool delicate, and citrusy blood oranges are paired oh so nicely with a French vanilla beans.  A creamy citrus explosion that you are sure to enjoy.

Five Pawns Bowden’s Mate:  Five Pawns Bowden’s Mate is a vape that has a base in a truly cooling mint flavor.  Add in subtle notes of chocolate and a dash of vanilla bean and you have the makings of a fine vape.

Five Pawns Gambit:  Five Pawns Gambit is a premium vape that is an old fashion dessert.  Ripe sweet apples in a sinfully delicious crust with drips of caramel.  A dollop of whip cream and side of French vanilla ice cream finish off the vape.

Five Pawns Castle Long: Five Pawns Castle Long is their version of a fine bourbon vape.  Hints of roasted coconuts and toasted almonds are combined with the finest Kentucky Bourbon and then topped with vanilla bean and a dash of sweet carmelized sugar.