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The master vapeologists at Liquid Labs brought the Keep It 100 e juice brand to life in 2014 and have kept pushing the limits of developing awesome tasting vape juice favorites that are the delight of their following.Their mainstay juice which helped propel Keep It 100 into the minds of vape enthusiasts is the Blue Slushie, a delectable treat found at many county fairs and 7-11's alike.It became so popular it was a mainstay in many vape juice collections.Not resting on its laurels, Keep it 100 kept pushing the envelope and created variations off their Blue Slushie line with Blue Slushie Tropical which is the traditional blue slushie blended with strawberry and other tropical fruits and Blue Slushie Lemonade, a mix of blue slush and zesty lemonade.There are also menthol, cream, and dessert lines that will quell the hunger of any hungry vape enthusiast.

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